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4 Ways Your Office Can Take Advantage of Whiteboards and Pinboards

13 July 2022

Office spaces are meant to boost the productivity of employees. Hence, they must be planned and designed thoroughly to effectively maximise the spaces’ potential.

One great way of enhancing the productivity potential of offices is through the installation of whiteboards and pinboards. Whiteboards allow employees to write anything on their surfaces with whiteboard markets, while pinboards allow them to post any public messages or notes through pins and papers. Both whiteboards and pinboards can be added to offices as they can provide tons of advantages to employees and overall office operations.

If you want to add whiteboards and pinboards to your office, here are some ways how to take advantage of these helpful tools.

  1. Establish Primary Goal

One way your office can take advantage of whiteboards and pinboards is to establish a primary goal. Whiteboards and pinboards can provide your employees with the means to start establishing and finalising the goals and associated activities when starting a project. As they meet up and brainstorm, one can serve as the keeper of these tools to prevent wasting time. The keeper can then start writing the questions that must be answered and pinning the tasks that must be done. Doing these things can keep the work going among colleagues and even other teams that are part of the project.

  1. Disseminate Clear Details

Another way your office can benefit from whiteboards and pinboards is to disseminate clear details and information. When writing on a whiteboard, your employees can use this opportunity to spread information necessary for the improvement of workflow. They can also maximise any whiteboards on rooms and spaces to remind their colleagues about some rules, upcoming events, and approaching deadlines that they must be aware of. The same thing can be done with pinboards, as they can pin some important announcements and invitations that are meant for everyone.

  1. Provide a Freedom Wall

Some employees may have some ideas that they think will not fit a specific project. These ideas may still be valuable for the company in the future. Hence, you can utilise whiteboards and pinboards as a way for them to still share their concepts, thoughts, and other things related to current and future projects or activities. By leaving a section on the corners of whiteboards or pinboards, employees can then jot down anything that they have in mind. As time passes, some teams or colleagues may revisit this section and get some related ideas for their present activities.

  1. Spread Some Motivation

Motivational quotes may not be as effective for everyone. However, writing or posting them on the whiteboard or pinboard can still be a great way of spreading some motivation among employees who are having a hard time at work. Employees and even employers can get tired sometimes. By reading some fun yet motivational quotes or sayings on these boards, they may feel enlightened in some ways. You can also use these boards in posting the teams or employees who have achieved great output for the last few weeks or months, helping them feel rewarded for the effort that they have exerted.

To have these boards installed in your office, you can contact us at Agile-Xtra.

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