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Agile Learning Environments and their Benefits over Traditional Classroom Layouts

07 June 2021

For the education sector, one element that learning institutions must prioritise is the condition of their learning environment. A learning environment is a diverse platform where students develop new skills […]

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Useful Space-Saving Ideas with Agile System Walls

24 May 2021

In a typical classroom setup, tons of vital learning tools, resources, and devices are utilised. Some of these include whiteboards, interactive screens, and other teaching materials. Most of the time, […]

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School Refurbishment During Covid-19: Reasons Why It’s Really Important

10 May 2021

Most governments throughout the world have briefly shut down schools trying to contain the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many have dispatched distance learning programs and are starting to get […]

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The Importance of Room Dividers and Screens Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

30 April 2021

As different industries keep on wrestling with the different difficulties presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, and lockdown, a significant inquiry has been whirling in the personalities of instructors and understudies […]

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Soft Wiring and Cable Management Products: Order Online for Your Office and Classroom Needs

12 April 2021

Understanding how your office workstations or classrooms are wired is a significant advance in arranging your next office fitout. The following are straightforward rules and definitions of soft wiring and […]

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